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Empower Yourself for a Confident Future: Discover Sexual Well-being, Consent, and Healthy Relationships with DrGenie!

Welcome to DrGenie!

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Your trusted AI companion for sexual education! As a member of Generation Z, understanding sexual well-being, consent, and healthy relationships is vital. DrGenie is here to equip you with accurate information, interactive tools, and supportive discussions to empower you in making informed choices. From comprehensive resources on sexual health to exploring topics like communication and boundaries, DrGenie is your go-to source for a confident future. Start your journey with DrGenie now!

True or false?

"Is a condom the safest method of contraception?"



We are your partner for sexual education

The DrGenie team is committed to sexuality education and awareness under the DrGenie brand. The team is supported by the editorial team, external medical specialists, sexual psychologists and lawyers.

The topics of sexuality, intimacy, puberty and much more are important educational content and should be accessible and age-appropriate. The information does not replace a doctor’s visit and is merely a collection of information. For the protection of minors, advice is also available from Kanzlei X, who have years of expertise in data protection and the protection of minors.

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Disclaimer: This service does not provide medical treatment, esp. no advice on diagnosis or therapy. Parents or guardians must authorize the use of this service in advance. Liability for false facts is excluded, as this may occur due to the software used by ChatGPT.